Throwback Diaries: The Whisperer

She woke up alone in an abandoned warehouse. She wasn’t cold but she was shivering. Gingerly she gets up off the ground and begins to wipe at her clothing. She stops herself because she can’t see what she is doing. What happened to me?  How did I get here?

Netflix's "Bright," Will Smith, & Joel Edgerton: The Sequel I Am Here For

I began writing a review on Bright, starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton, weeks ago after watching it for the first time but time got away from me.  Seeing it again this past weekend, I realized the smarter parts of the film are still being overlooked. The movie dubbed a disasterbrutalworst movie of 2017 was a success for Netflix, but the film's handling of racism was largely unpopular with critics. 

Happy Martin Luther King Day INFJs!

In the world of MBTI, Civil Rights activist and Baptist minister Martin Luther King, Jr. was considered to be a fellow INFJ. The INFJ personality is one of sixteen Myers-Briggs personality types. INFJs are considered quite rare and make up less than one percent (1%) of the population.

Survival: Share Your Stories had a lot of time to work on the back end of the website and brainstorm writing ideas for the new year. We are pretty excited about what 2018 has to bring creatively, and hope we can see it all through to fruition. One idea in particular we'd like to cover this year concerns survivors of abuse.

BTVS Fanfiction | Seeing Red: Entropy

Tara screamed Willow’s name in a panic because she couldn't stop the bleeding. There was so much blood.  Tara was so engrossed in saving her she didn't notice the pain from her flesh wound.  The bullet must have grazed her shoulder when it blasted through the window, and hit Willow in the chest.

F**K it up RIRI!

While I'm not a fashion or lifestyle blogger I have eyes and some damn good taste. I think being the very visual person that I am with excellent taste makes me qualified enough to say that Rihanna is going to be an ICON, if she isn't already, and for generations to come. Fight me.

What No One Tells You About Self-Awareness

Self-awareness is a scam because more people than we realize know themselves, but view examining their own contribution as a greater risk. They aren't as interested in doing anything about it compared to the ones that will because they are sold on the "self" part, not so much the aware.

bitter Chocolat: kismet

Part 4 - It was a little before 4:00 in the morning when Ike woke up panicked. He was a deep sleeper and not the sort to have vivid dreams, much less ones where he knew what he was feeling. Ike couldn't ignore the strange sensations that left him very worried about Leila. 

bitter Chocolat

Part 1 - Leila was a very pretty girl. Curvier than a cheerleader, she was smart, bookish, and driven as the day is long.  Guys on campus were attracted to her but they had about as much depth as a shallow pond. She just wasn’t interested in them. 

Verse I through XXXIV

I mulled over what I should write about in my first post.  I wondered if I should keep it short and sweet and just introduce the site. Whether I should recycle one of the popular entries from my former blog..