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Beauty provokes harassment, the law says, but it looks through men’s eyes when deciding what provokes it.
— Naomi Wolf

  Black Woman Pencil Drawing  by    Shahrzad Ranj

Black Woman Pencil Drawing by Shahrzad Ranj

When Leila was sixteen years old she lost her virginity. One weekend she stayed overnight at her best friend Didi's house while Leila's parents were out of town. Didi and Leila had been as thick as thieves since the 2nd grade.  They attended different high schools but spent as much time together as possible. Didi went to the public high school while Leila attended an all-girls prep school for the gifted on an academic scholarship. This situation could have strained other friendships but not Leila and Didi's, something else would be responsible for its destruction.

Leila and Didi were hanging out in the living room watching Gossip Girl when Kelley, Didi's older brother, burst in the front door.  Kelley, a very popular and handsome senior in his last year of college, was sort of like a big brother to Leila, an only child. She was genuinely happy to see him and rose to give him a hug. Kelley had decided to come home for the weekend to do some laundry and pilfer the family kitchen.  He did a double take at seeing Leila, not only because it had been awhile but also she had blossomed overnight. Leila rushed to greet Kelley along with Didi.  It didn’t occur to Leila that Kelley was checking her out when he rested his palms on either side of her frame to get a better look at her. She didn't notice that he grazed the side of her breasts with his palms on purpose.  Leila was shy and naive girl. She did not spend a lot of time around boys because she went to an all-girls school and due to her academic commitments. Because of this, she did not think anything of Kelley's actions.

Kelley was being very inappropriate. He was five years older than the girls but he didn't care. Kelley was charming but with a dark side that he kept very well hidden. His careful veneer was about to crack and Leila was the trigger. Kelley plastered a practiced smile on his face and hopped onto the couch in the living room where Leila and Didi were once seated. Kelley asked the girls if they were going out for the evening or planning on being lame high-schoolers all night. Nonplussed, Leila told Kelley that she was staying over because her parents were out of town, and unbeknownst to her, gave him an opening for his predatory desires.

Kelley said that he was going to invite a friend over to hang out. He knew his sister Didi had a crush on one of his line brothers. Didi had fawned all over the newbie last month when she visited Kelley on campus. He texted the newbie as a way to keep his sister occupied. Kelley told the girls to pick a movie and order some food while he was getting drinks.  By the time he returned, the newbie had arrived and was chatting up both girls.  Kelley who was territorial and jealous became pissed the newbie was even speaking to Leila and gave him a deadly stare behind the girls back. Now aware that Kelley had returned, Leila and Didi became increasingly excited about hanging out with college guys and drinking alcohol.

Kelley told them to start the movie and went into the kitchen to make drinks. After handing everyone a glass, they shuffled to the basement to watch the movie. Didi got tipsy pretty quickly, but Leila stayed measured in her drinking.  Kelley maintained the "big brother" farce to keep her at ease. A third of the way into the movie, he offered to make everyone another round of drinks which they all accepted. For Leila's drink, Kelley took a small vial of Rohypnol out of his back pocket and poured some into her glass.  He returned and passed out the beverages. During the movie, he made occasional glances in Leila's direction to check her consumption.

Kelley rushed back into the kitchen to clean up and hide any liquor bottles when he remembered his parents would be coming home. He was twenty-one, but his little sister and her friend were only sixteen. Like a true predator, Kelley wanted his plans for Leila to go smoothly, and wanted to avoid interruption. He wanted to ensure his parents headed straight for the bedroom once they got back. After he was finished, Kelley went back downstairs.  He saw that everyone was in various stages of inebriation. Leila was close to losing consciousness, so Kelley offered to take her to the spare bedroom where she placed her overnight bag. After Leila mumbled "Thank you," he scooped her up, took her into the room, and locked the door behind him.

Leila was unconscious the entire time that Kelley sexually assaulted her.  She was sixteen years old when she lost her virginity and she didn't know it.

Leila woke up in her pajamas the next morning but had no recollection of putting them on. She felt sore and a little dirty but she was clean. Leila feeling something was off began crying.  She tried rationalizing that her emotional state was due to being hungover or a bad reaction to drinking alcohol for the first time. Leila's parents were immigrants and extremely old-fashioned, so they never thought talked with her about these matters.  She knew something wasn't right but didn't know what and even less, what to do about it. Leila decided to pull herself together and went to the bathroom to brush her teeth. When she heard Didi's mother calling her name for breakfast, she wrapped up and headed to the kitchen.

While Leila was lowering herself into a seat at the breakfast table, Kelley walked in.  He said "good morning" and smiled at Leila but her body turned ice cold as a reflex. Confused, she whispered good morning back but suddenly she was afraid of him.  Leila had no clue, save for this nagging intuition, that Kelley was someone she should fear.




We ah sip that Henny for the day baby

Come my, my way baby

Top down on the highway baby

And if you let me love you, wait

Shawty she ain’t even got a visa

Out of town, one night teaser

Need to tell them other…ease up

I’m falling but everyone falls…

The two moving like they were made for each other danced in tandem to the song. Some partygoers equally feeling the groove started grinding to the music, while others watched Ike and Leila danced. They sensed something special, different, and beautiful between the two and were unable to tear their eyes away. One partygoer, hidden in the shadows, was not so enchanted by their magnetic pairing and seethed with a dark energy that promised pain. His furious gaze and intense gaze was focused entirely on the couple. Kelley was not done with his sweet Leila. He was never going to be done with her. No one was going to have her…except for him.


bitter chocolat

bitter Chocolat (2017)


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