bitter Chocolat: kismet

The suspenseful love story beginning in bitter Chocolat continues in: 


One day, whether you are 14, 28 or 65, you will stumble upon someone who will start a fire in you that cannot die. 

Beau Taplin

Art by Francoise Nielly

It was a little before 4:00 in the morning when Ike woke up panicked. He was a deep sleeper and not the sort to have vivid dreams, much less ones where he knew what he was feeling. Ike couldn't ignore the strange sensations that left him very worried about Leila.  On impulse, Ike quickly threw on some clothes so he could go check on her. 

Ike was already thinking up other ways to reach Leila if she didn't answer before he got to her building.  He wasn't leaving until her was sure nothing had happened to Leila even if that meant waking her up.  After typing her code into the console, he was relieved to hear Leila over the intercom.  Thankfully she didn't sound like she had just woken up but he  wondered if she had ever made it to sleep. 

“Hello, who is it?” 

“Hey Leila it’s me, Ike.” 

“Ike? Is everything okay, it’s almost 4:30?” 

“Yeah I know. Um, I hope you won’t think I’m crazy but I had a dream about you.  It scared me a bit and I just wanted to see if you were good.  You sound okay so I’ll just head back.” 

“No. Wait.  Ike, I’ll buzz you up.” 

After pressing 9 on her cellphone, Leila clicked over to the other line where her mother was waiting. She told her it was a wrong number and asked if she could call her back so she could attempt sleep again. Her mother said that was fine and told Leila she loved her. Leila didn't know what she was going to say to Ike but she couldn't turn him away. The fact that he had a dream on the same night her nightmare increased her desire for him. A small part of her questioned if he was her white light but she did know, on some level, that she could trust him. Leila checked her appearance in the hallway mirror before opening the door to his knock. 

"Damn you're beautiful. Hi Leila." 

"You're beautiful too. Hi Ike."  

Leila felt a little self-conscious but couldn't stop herself from admiring Ike. Sure he was handsome, but Leila felt like she could see straight into his soul. Ike was beautiful...pure. When he wrapped his arms around her, Leila felt protected.  Leila's nightmares always left her feeling fear that something dark was waiting for her in the night. This time though, she felt like she could face it. 

"I hope I am not freaking you out, but I needed to see if you were okay with my own eyes.  Are you okay baby?" 

That "baby" lit a fire in her and now Leila was feeling more than okay.  Suddenly, she needed to feel his lips on hers. Leila rose to her tiptoes and inched back in his embrace.  She pulled Ike's head down and captured his lips with her own, dipping her tongue into his mouth. Remaining lip-locked, Ike lifted Leila up into the apartment with his forearm wrapped around her waist. He used his other arm to close the door behind him.   Once inside,  he sucked lightly on her bottom lip for a moment then placed a soft kiss on her lips while lowering her to the ground. He looked down at Leila tenderly, touching his forehead to hers. 

"Leila, I could kiss you all day and night even though I'm mad at how you scammed me into a first kiss before our first date.  But for real have you slept? Are you okay?" 

Leila smiled and gave him a light peck.  Testing the word out Leila replied, "Babe I'm okay, let's talk about your dream." 

She led him to the couch in the living room where they sat with their arms wrapped around each other. Ike mentioned he didn't really have dreams and if he did, he hardly remembered them.  He shared that the dream was dark and thought he had heard whimpering. Ike said he felt like he was trying to get to Leila but then woke up from the dream out of breath and panting.  He said he never believed in all that psychic mumbo jumbo but once read about people being able to sense their loved ones in danger.  Ike kept from Leila that he came because he didn't want to risk losing her and his shot at forever.  He would protect her at all costs. 

Leila's head was on Ike's chest while he was speaking. Every thump of his heart she fell further, hopelessly (dangerously for the both of them) in love.  Ike gazed in awe at Leila's face.  She looked so peaceful but lost in thought. She hadn't noticed yet that Ike had stopped speaking.  It would have been easy to lose himself in how right all of this felt withLeila but he could not, would not, shake the feeling that she was in danger.   From what, Ike didn't know. 


"FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK," Kelley screamed.   "How could she do this to me?"

Kelley raged launching object after object across his study.  The paperweight from his desk shattered one of the screens displaying the interior of Leila's bathroom.  Kelley had a monitor for each room in Leila's apartment and was surveilling and recording her home around the clock.  The first weekend Leila went home to visit her parents, Kelley posed as maintenance and outfitted her place with tiny cameras.  He looked on in disgust at his perfect prize behaving like trash by kissing Ike. His face contorted in anger watching them make stupid moon eyes.  His plans tonight were ruined and he knew he would not be going anywhere now.

"I was supposed to have her today! It's been too long!"   

Kelley wondered why Leila was awake because he had laced her rinse cup with a sedative.  He saw it take affect before she went to sleep so none of this made sense. 

Storming out of his study, Kelley headed to the basement. He stripped out of his clothes as he moved through his home.   Once nude, he descended the stairs slowly until he saw the young woman shackled in the corner. She cowered in pain and fear.  She had a nasty bruise on her face that wasn't there when she was touching up her makeup at the frat party a few hours ago. 

"Please. Please don't kill me, I'll do anything you want."  

Kelley laughed. 

"You will do anything and everything that I want.  Then, I'll kill you." 

She cried as she looked into the face of evil. 

Sometimes human places, create inhuman monsters. 
— Stephen King



bitter chocolat

bitter Chocolat (2017)


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