bitter Chocolat: a victim's interlude

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Everybody is a book of blood; wherever we’re opened, we’re red.
— Clive Barker

"I don't want to die."

He laughs as he moves over me.  I plead with him to let me go, but he just smiles.  Sick to my stomach I throw up on him.  My revulsion must anger him because he slaps me hard. He doesn't stop moving. My eyes water and I can barely see his face. A reprieve. I laywhimpering and do my best to detach from what is happening, what he's doing to my body. Finally he grunts, and releases.

"Can I go now?"


He gets up to grab a towel to clean himself off and wipe up my vomit.  Next he checks the shackles around my wrists and heads upstairs. I start crying as soon as he shuts the door. I sob so hard that eventually I cry myself to sleep.

An hour or so passes.

I wake up disoriented to the sound of loud crashes and bangs.  For a moment, I forget where I am. I remember his earlier assault and start to panic. This is nothing compared to my fear at hearing his shout.


I don't know what's louder, his stomping or my heartbeat. I sense that he is heading my way and count the seconds before he reaches the stairs.  I know that it is now or never.

"HELLLLLP! HELLLLLLLP! Somebody please, HEEEELLLLP ME." I scream over and over again.

I shout louder when I hear him opening the door to the basement. My bellowing doesn't bother him. Completely nude, he descends slowly and smirks when I come into view.

"Please. Please don't kill me, I'll do anything you want." 

I'm desperate.

He chuckles.

"You will do anything and everything that I want.  Then, I'll kill you." He is evil personified.

This time I cry in front of him. I wonder what did I do to deserve this.  I'm a good friend. A good daughter. A good sister.  I work hard. I'm there for people when they need me. I can't stop crying.

As he moves towards me I brace myself for a repeat of his earlier assault. It never comes. He has something new planned.

He walks to an area behind me. I stop crying so I can hear him better. Metal clanks as he moves around. Suddenly, I feel a pinch in my neck. He drugs me with some kind of paralyzing agent.  Once it sets I can't move but I can feel, see, and experience everything around me.

When he kneels over me, I see the glint from the knife in his hand. He slashes at my abdomen and breaks skin. My blood pools. I can no longer scream at this point.  I feel pain in every nerve but he's just getting started.

I lose count of all the cuts.

A phone rings in the distance.

He pauses quickly wiping off some of blood then dashing upstairs to answer the call. I turn my eyes downward to my body and just stare.

I've never seen that much blood before.

I'm 125 pounds soaking wet. Who knew I could bleed this much and not be dead. It's only a matter of time though. I can feel the life ebbing out of me and I'm cold. Hysteria must be setting in because now I think about my little sister. She'll be so disappointed when I don't make it home over break. I swore I'd take her rock-climbing. I'm about to break that promise. If I'm lucky, I'll be dead before he returns. I'm very sleepy. My eyes droop and I decide to take another nap.

I didn't know that my next breath was my last.




bitter chocolat

bitter Chocolat (2017)


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