BTVS Fanfiction | Seeing Red: Entropy

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Showrunner & Executive Producer: Josh Whedon

Season 6: Episode 19 - Seeing Red  (alternate ending)

Art by: Shawn Manning | hapiface on DeviantArt

Tara screamed Willow’s name in a panic because she couldn't stop the bleeding. There was so much blood.  Tara was so engrossed in saving her she didn't notice the pain from her flesh wound.  The bullet must have grazed her shoulder when it blasted through the window, and hit Willow in the chest.

"Willow, please don’t leave me."

Struggling to breathe, Willow was quickly losing consciousness.  Drowning in her own blood she managed to smile lovingly at Tara. Tara and Willow had finally reconciled after their breakup over Willow’s magic addiction. They'd been apart for too long so they spent the previous night together. Their reunion was short-lived however as Willow’s death seemed a foregone conclusion.

Not on Tara’s watch.

Although Willow succumbed to an addiction that threatened every member of the Scooby Squad's reality as well as almost killed Dawn, Tara would not let Willow go quietly into the night. She was prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice to keep her in the land of the living. Tara invoked the goddess Εκατη, Hekate to make a plea:

Mistress, Three-faced Selene, I call upon thee; hear my sacred chants.

You are justice and the Moira’s Threads: Klotho and Lachesis and Atropos three-headed.

You are Persephone, Megaira, Allekto many-formed, who arm your hands with dreaded, murky lamps, who shake your locks of fearful serpents on your brow, who sound the roar of bulls from your mouths, whose womb is decked out with the scales of creeping things.

To you, wherefore they call you Hekate, Goddess of the Triple Ways and rule the Triple Decades unto me, you are the Mother of All Things.

I beseech thee and call upon you to restore your child, to devour those who bring Death Untimely. You, who make Grief resound and spread Madness, come to my Sacrifices. And now for me do you fulfill this matter?

A gray fog filled the room surrounding Tara and Willow’s prone form.  Lightning flashed as a disembodied voice called out, "Ταράσιος, Tarasios, you dare summon me to restore that which is succumbing to an earthly end.  I should strike you down for attempting to upset the balance."

"αδελφή (Adelfí ) Sister," Tara responded.  "Please. If not for my love, can you not sense this child’s power? Even as her life force ebbs?  Willow is a vessel meant for many a great thing.  It is not her time sister."

"Tarasios! You knew the risk of impulsively summoning me again.  You deigned to have a glamour created for you and your powers shackled which left you unprotected in that abusive, rank, and common family below your station. All because you wanted torture yourself over your godhood and mix with humans.  Now, you seek to abuse the cosmic balance and request the life of a human already at Hades Gate?"

After a thousand lifetimes of watching humans live, love, die, and return in new incarnations over and over again, Tara only wanted an opportunity to experience what it meant to feel; to connect. In taking a chance, Tara found the one soul in a millennia who made it all worthwhile.  Despite the pain and suffering humanity can bring, Tara could not, would not lose Willow.  She was willing to give up eternity a thousand times over to have her back.

"Adelfí. My sister, I am ready.”

For all things are from you, and in you do all things. Eternal One, come to their End. I offer my Divine in exchange for this child’s life.  Accept my divinity. Use the Power within to imbue this child with, a vessel of Circe, with life and make me human.  I commit my body to the ground. Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

While initially irritated, Hekate looked fondly at Tarasios through the veil. She would mourn the loss of "Tara" but she was happy for her. Hekate knew her adelfí found καρδιά (kardiá), her heart. Whenever gods sacrificed their divinity to become human for love, there was a major risk that the intended was not blessed by Klotho, the goddess who spun human fate.  Upon a former god’s human death, if the lover was not kardiá, the god would wither away into nothing, no rebirth and no afterlife.  Also, their human lover would continue on in different lifetimes suffering the curses of the gods in Olympus until they were bored with the human soul. The gods never bored of human souls.  If a god found kardiá, they would be reborn just as humans and always find their eternal love.

Willow was in fact blessed by Klotho, but Hekate could not inform Tara of this lest she upset the order. While initially frustrated by the summons, Hekate felt comforted that she would not lose her sister to the mist forever. They would meet again.

Tara might not have eternity as a powerful entity, but she would have the next best thing.

“Tarasios, the boon to restore the Dead Untimely has been granted.”

Hekate's fog cleared and after a moment, Willow took a breath.


Tara looked down adoringly at Willow, and cried.


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