F**K it up RIRI!

I'm only posting this quick blurb to say Rihanna snatched my wig today and gave me a lady boner! 

While I'm not a fashion or lifestyle blogger I have eyes and some damn good taste. I think being the very visual person that I am with excellent taste makes me qualified enough to say that Rihanna is going to be an ICON, if she isn't already, and for generations to come.

Fight me.

Would you look at what this little island girl did.  I wasn't ready y'all!


WERQ chile.

She is giving me sexy 50's housewife/Annette Funicello vibes and I am here for ALL OF IT.

You can think whatever you want about Rihanna but not only is her look and style A-1, her business acumen and savvy is a force to be reckoned within the industry.

Say it with me:


Rihanna's recent Vogue Paris Christmas issue is driving everyone into a frenzy and she has not one, not two, but THREE covers.

Robyn Fenty can take all my coins; including the ones I don't have. 

Rihanna I hail thee. I am verklempt.

wig dollf8ced.gif

theMnd's wig is SNATCHED!


theMND 💋