Throwback Diaries: Lanre & Mira - Part One


Hi readers! I wanted to share a 7 year old genre fiction story of mine posted to my previous site on Wordpress.  Don't worry, the next installment of bitter Chocolat will be coming soon.  In the meantime, get yourselves acquainted with Lanre & Mira.

A Short Story: Part One.

It was 7:15pm. 

Lanre usually made it home by 7:30 on the dot, so Mira waited.  She positioned a loveseat in front of the door, sat down, and leaned back in the chair with her legs crossed.  As the clocked ticked, she tapped her foot to the tock.

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.  

Mira's movements were unconscious, but what she was conscious of was that her resolve was waning. 

“I'm not sure if I can do this.”

Above the fireplace a portrait from their wedding day hung. “Five years,” she thought.  Mira remembered that day like it was yesterday.  She pictured herself walking towards the man of her dreams. This man wasn’t just Lanre to her.  He was her Forever.  Mira mulled over those special words; “in sickness and health, till death do us part.”  Marriage wasn’t something Mira took lightly. She dreamed of her wedding since she was a little girl. That dream was perfect, and one she hoped her marriage would be.

Mira looked at the clock.  7:20pm. 

She felt like she had been sitting forever waiting for Lanre to come home.  Forever.  There goes that word again. Mira stared at the front door.  She stared so hard that if looks were lasers, the door would have a gaping hole.  She was sick of staring.  She wondered what she would say to him.  “Does he still find me beautiful?”  Lanre used to tell Mira she was beautiful all the time, but lately he barely spoke to her.  Sometimes, her barely even looked at her.  So Mira worried and worried till one day she decided to do something about it.

That morning when Lanre left for work, Mira opened his laptop.  She didn’t know what she would find.  She imagined that maybe, maybe he’d found somebody else to call beautiful. Or worse, say “I love you” to. Mira was already crying by the time she opened his Gmail account.  Lanre hadn’t closed out of it that morning.  “Omg, he has a million emails!”  Mira wondered if she would get through them all by the time he got home, so she decided to do a key word search.  She typed in a number of suggestive words but nothing turned up. Mira was convinced Lanre was up to something and because she knew how smart her man was, she believed he may have created some ingenious code to lock her out from his secret life; a life that she felt did not include her.  Suddenly, she had a thought.  Mira typed her own name in the search field.

An email from Lanre to his best friend Seun came up.  In the email, Lanre wrote that he could not be himself with Mira and he wasn’t the same man he was five years ago when they married.  He explained he made adjustments to his sexual proclivities because he was Mira's first.  Lanre wrote that initially their love life had been interesting because he never “did a virgin before” but now the novelty had worn off.  He told Seun their sex life was boring and uneventful.  While he still loved Mira, Lanre did not feel she could satisfy his needs.  In the beginning it was enough for him.  He had never loved anyone like he loved her, but it felt like a huge part of him was being stifled.  He just didn’t think that Mira was open enough to explore.

Mira couldn’t read anymore.  She felt ashamed.  She looked at the date of the email.  It was dated one year ago…today.  Mira realized for exactly one year she failed to satisfy her husband. When she and Lanre had sex he’d rather watch TV or paint dry because it was that boring.  It was so boring it practically put him to sleep.  Suddenly, Mira was pissed off. Enraged.  On one hand, she knew she’d been a bit of a prude because she hadn’t been exposed to things.  But she was angry with Lanre and mortified because his dumb ass could’ve suggested something he liked. She might’ve tried it.  Instead, she was left feeling unloved and unattractive for a year.  Out of the corner of her eye, Mira spotted a folder marked S|M.  She clicked the folder but it was password protected. Mira checked Lanre's password history on his browser trying the series of numbers saved until the folder opened. Once opened, it revealed images over eight years old that shocked her to the core.  As she looked on, Mira’s shock began to turn to excitement, and then to something else…



Mira replayed the day's events and her resolve began to return.  There was no way she was going out like that. Living through an unsatisfying marriage was not an option. 7:29pm.  Mira fiddled with her lace corset.  As the seconds wound down she finally heard it, Lanre’s key in the door.  She stood up and adjusted the thigh high fishnets connected to her garter.  The door opened and Lanre took a good look at her in all her glory.  Lanre's eyes then locked on the object in Mira’s hand.  Before he could get a word out, Mira cracked the whip she was holding and said:

“Lanre, you’ve been a very bad boy.”


A Short Story (2011)


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