Jaden Smith is a Mood: SYRE (The Electric Album)

Review: Jaden Smith – SYRE (The Electric Album)

We know you missed us this past Monday but don’t you worry, Music Mood will resume July 16th.  In the meantime, here’s a music nibble that we think you'll enjoy.

Jaden Smith’s SYRE (The Electric Album) dropped this week and is streaming on Apple Music and Tidal.  This musical effort is more EP than album, consisting of only five (5) tracks, but that is neither here nor there as Jaden has given us a captivating, almost otherworldly sounding, piece of pure artistry. Somehow Will Smith's youngest son has completely re-imaged tracks from his original SYRE and as a whole, the effort is a whole new acoustic and electric giftwrapped present.  Jaden clearly is more than a rapper. He is an artist with a distinctive multifaceted point of view that quite frankly, is leaps and bound ahead of what’s out right now.

SYRE (The Electric Album) Track List:

1.       B – Electric

2.       Ninety – Electric

3.       Lost Boy – Electric

4.       Fallen – Electric

5.       Icon? – Electric

If you are logged into your music accounts you can listen to the entire album right here: