Survival: Share Your Stories

Happy New Year Readers! We trust you had a lovely holiday with your friends and family. had a lot of time to work on the back end of the website and brainstorm writing ideas for the new year. We are pretty excited about what 2018 has to bring creatively, and hope we can see it all through to fruition. One idea in particular we'd like to cover this year concerns survivors of abuse.


Sexual Harassment and Assault

A couple of weeks ago we engaged in discussions regarding sexual harassment and assault.  We were deeply saddened and moved by all of the accounts shared and wanted to write something, anything, on behalf of these women. We did not want to push survivors to share more than what was comfortable with an audience, so we had an idea to put together a short form.

We've created an anonymous survey using Typeform for the purposes of collecting thoughts, experiences, words of advice, inspirational quotes, stories etc.. We'd like to write a post or creative piece honoring survivors sometime in the near future. There are only four (4) questions and the respondents can be a member of any gender. The survey can be taken by anyone who has either experienced, or knows someone who has experienced sexual misconduct in any form.  Feel free to be as candid as you would like.  While we do ask for email, every question in the survey is optional. If you have any reservations regarding the anonymity of this survey, please review Typeform's FAQs by clicking here.  You will note that Typeforms are anonymous by default. promises to do justice to what is shared.  Currently, theMND is in the midst of a short fictional series titled bitter Chocolat which includes sexual assault. This particular subject matter however, does not occur until Part 2 titled Pre.

Thank you so much for reading and a special thank you to those who participate. 

Psst.  If you are unable to see the embedded survey on your mobile phone click here.


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