Throwback Diaries: The Whisperer


She woke up alone in an abandoned warehouse. She wasn’t cold but she was shivering. Gingerly she gets up off the ground and begins to wipe at her clothing. She stops herself because she can’t see what she is doing. What happened to me?  How did I get here? It occurs to her that she doesn’t remember her name. The shivering stops. Who am I?

She had to get out of there.  After walking a couple of steps, she trips.  Was that a dog?  Afraid to confirm because of its large size she keeps moving.  It was hard to do this safely because the warehouse was nearly black.  Intuitively she knows time is of the essence so she keeps moving.  Once she is outside she feels a huge sense of relief.

She ends up on a relatively empty block but has no idea where she is.  Wait, I can go to the police!  She decides she’ll ask the next person she sees for help or the nearest police station.  She proceeds down the abandoned street until she runs into a woman.  She tries to ask for assistance but the woman ignores her and keeps on walking. What am I going to do? She begins to cry.

She looks down at her clothing and is shocked that she is covered in blood. Something terrible has happened but she doesn’t know where to turn.  Seeing a group of teenagers leaving a diner across the street she runs up to them.  Although she’s bloody they barely spare her a glance.  Dejected, she moves through the diner’s entrance.  No one is behind the counter so she calls out, “Hello?”

No response. 

Thinking an employee might be in the bathroom she decides to wait. 

“They can’t help you.”

She turns and finds a man sitting in a booth in the farthest corner. What does he mean by that?

“It’s exactly what I said Whisperer, they can’t help you. No one can.” Wait, how does he know what I’m thinking?

Feeling a cold dark terror in the pit of her stomach, she asks the stranger, “Why?”

“Because you're dead.”

Now I know what a ghost is. Unfinished business, that’s what.
— Salman Rushdie

The Whisperer (2013)


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